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Blank Slide Page

The blank slide is as its name implies, a completely blank canvas.  Think of it like a PowerPoint slide where you simply add in your interactions and desired behaviors.  A blank slide can be animated, thus having a timeline where you can put multiple animations to give life to your slides. 

In order to create a blank slide, access the 'add page' menu. 


From there, click on 'Blank slide' at the bottom of the menu.



Blank Slide Templates

If you want to load a pre-made theme template slide instead of a blank one, click on the categories to the left to choose from a variety of different categories.


If you want to know more about templates, click here to read the article about theme templates.


Blank Slide Panels

Top panel

The top panel contains the course settings, the interactions panels and the publish and preview options.  

To learn more about the the top panel, click here


Side panel

The side panel contains the parameters of the page or the interaction currently being selected.  

To learn more about the side panel, click here


Center panel

The center panel is the main area with the outer area being the player area, and the inner area containing the content area.

For more information about the center panel, click here




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