External Content Page

External Content Page

The external content page will allow you to open various external content as a page inside of your Absorb Create course.  In order to do so, you simply have to enter the URL in the field shown below:


The only parameter to be set in this page is the 'Optional for course completion' parameter.  Setting this to on will allow the learner to skip this page and the course will still be considered completed upon finishing the last page.

You can use the external content page to link to various different types of content, this could range from a website to an external survey from websites like SurveyMonkey, you can also link to technical sheets like a google spreadsheet.  Opening the spreadsheet or any type of dynamic sites, the learner will be able to input data the same as they would access a normal spreadsheet.  Please keep in mind that we cannot support every type of external content, this mainly depends on how the website is coded and various factors.  It will be up to you to experiment and determine what works and doesn't works.

Preview of the External Content

The external content will be displayed inside of the content area of the page as shown below.  As shown here, the various buttons from the top bar are all functional.



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