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Adding Pages

In order to add pages to your courses, click on the '+' button next to the page menu.  


When the page menu is opened, you can also click on the 'Add Page' button at the bottom of the page menu


This will open the page menu in order for you to add a page.

Add Page Menu

The Add Page menu has multiple categories each containing a certain subset of page types.  We will go over each category in more details with the list below:


  1. The center area will show you page templates to choose from.  To load a page in the course, simply click on the page that you want to load, enter a page title and then click on the 'Continue' button.
  2. The first category is the 'Theme Templates' section.  This section will show you templates of pages for you to start with.  Each of the pages follows the structure of a typical course, for example, the first page will be a welcome page, the second page will be a section title page, followed by an instructions page, and so on all the way up to a summary page template.  The pages displayed here will have different visuals and formatting depending on the theme template that has been selected when creating a new course.  You will see the page templates associated with that theme.
  3. The second category is the 'Shared Templates' section.  Here you will find all of the shared templates that you and your organization have created.  
  4. The third category is the 'Existing Pages' category.  This will let you copy any pages from any courses in your workspace.  In order to copy a page, simply click in a course folder in that category.  This will move you to the pages of that course.  Then click on the page that you want to copy from that course, name it, click on continue and you have a copy of that page in your current course
  5. The section underneath is the page categories section.  All of those categories are pertaining to different types of pages.  For example, by clicking on the 'Welcome' category, you will only see welcome page templates.  If you've selected a specific theme template, but want to add pages from a different theme than the one selected, browsing through those categories will also show you the pages from the other theme templates
  6. The bottom section will show you the various page types.  You will choose one of these depending on the type of content that you want to create.  All of these pages are completely blank and will not have anything attached to them.  We have 6 different types of page:  Blank Slide, Screen Recording, Video, Quiz, Branching, and External Content.  You can click on any of these to get more information about each.


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