4. How to Configure Appearance

In this lesson, you will learn the basics of theming your course to match your branding.

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The Appearance menu contains different tools that allow you to customize the look of your course, individual pages, the course player, and much more!


Course Theme

You can apply a new Course Theme to your project by choosing a new style from the drop-down menu:


Player Appearance

This section allows you to configure the Absorb Create Player elements:

  • Player Color 
  • Accent Color
  • Navigation Buttons
  • Menu
  • Auto-Hide Menu


Slide Accent Colors

Adjust Slide Accent Colors to add a pop of color outside of your theme's color settings. 

For example, if we change an accent color you will see that some course elements are automatically adjusted.



Expand the Logo section and click the Choose an image button to upload your logo.

If your logo background is not transparent, you may need to adjust the header background color.



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