Lesson Reuse - Absorb LMS Integration Only

Now customers can use any Create Course as a lesson object in the Absorb LMS.




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Sharing a published Create Course as a lesson in one of the LMS courses

Note: The Create course must be published in the Absorb LMS and marked as "active".

Select the LMS Course to which you want to add the create course as an object: 

      1. Go to Courses


      2. Select your LMS course, click "Edit."


      3. Edit the course by "Adding a Learning Object."



      4. The Create Course will be showing as a Lesson under objects. Select your desired course.


      5. Make updates when necessary :


      6. The Course will show as a lesson under your LMS Course


Making updates to already published and shared courses

Note: Any updates made to an already published and shared course shall affect all objects shared among Courses.

The list of associated courses to the Create course shall be available for the user on the Absorb LMS with a link to redirect to Absorb LMS from Create


          1. Go to "Manage Content" 


          2. Select the Create course you wish to update, and make changesimage2021-9-1_17-2-20.png
          3. Click "Publish": This will make changes to the main Create course as well as all associations and shared lessons 

            To view the list of AbsorbLMS course where the Create course is shared, up to 5 courses will show up on the Publish wizardimage2021-9-1_17-4-12.png

          4.  If there are more than 5 LMS courses sharing the same Create course , then the "View all x associated courses" shall redirect you to the Absorb LMS to view the list 


Notes: All shared create courses will have the same updates when republished from the Create platform 

If the customer wishes to keep one different the association has to be revoked from the Absorb LMS and a course duplicate shall be used. 

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