Slide Show Strategies


There are 2 strategies for bringing PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google slides into Absorb Create. Each strategy will result in different features or functionality that are available to you; this article will help you choose the best strategy for your design.


Strategy 1 : Export as a Video


HINT: This strategy makes use of the Video Page Type. Use this strategy if your slide show needs no additional audio track. All Create media elements--text, shapes, buttons, and even Questions--can be added over the top of your video page.


  1. From PowerPoint slide show as an .mp4



  1. From Keynote or Google Slides

There are also many helpful articles that can guide you in using Apple iMovie and Google Creator to convert slides into video.


  1. Import your video to the Media Library.




  1. Use the media bar as a guide for dropping in Questions and other objects.


Strategy 2 : Bring in slides as static images (.png or .jpg)


HINT: The result is an animated slide. Use this strategy if your slideshow will need an additional audio track generated from within Create. The timing of the slide will default to the length of the audio track, so leave extra time if necessary. All Create media behaviors--animation, on click/hover actions--are applicable to your slides. Questions can be added by dropping them in between slides. Shapes, callouts, text, can also be added on top of your slide images.


  1. Add Time to your slide (1), and record your narration (2 if needed).


  1. Bring your slide in using the media tile (1), then select your slide to activate the Appearance and Behavior tabs for that image (2). Set the Start/Finish times for your slide (3), and any additional animated or appearance effects (4).


  1. Repeat step 2 for all remaining slides or Questions.


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