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In this lesson, we will cover the entire Courses menu and its various functionalities

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Top Bar

The top bar has 4 or 5 parameters based on your paid plan. On the left we have: Courses, Reviews, Media Library, Hosting and Create


  • 'Courses' will bring you back to the courses menu
  • 'Reviews' will bring you to the list of courses to which you are assigned as a reviewer. Please refer to the Reviewer Feature for more details. 
  • 'Media Library' will open the media library
  • 'Hosting' - Available only within hosting/delivery plans - where you manage your Learners and learning portal 
  • 'Create ' Will open a popup to select your starting point for your course creation:
      • Theme templates: choose a template for your course from our templated themes 
      • Custome Themes:  choose your previously saved course template to start your course 
      • Choose to start your course creation with one of the following options : 
          • Blank Course: with our default template course 
          • Screen recording: start by recording a video, editing it then using it as a video course 
          • Upload Video: Start by uploading a video, editing it and using it as a video course 


On the right we have:  Help and User menu

Help : 

  • The help icon will open a menu where you can get access to documentation, information on keyboard shortcuts and a Live Chat option.



User Menu: 




Note:  that some of the options will be available based on the given permissions 

  1. The user menu will show the user name,
  2. The currently available workspaces that the user has access to. The workspace which you are currently on with mceclip4.png sign . Clicking on any workspaces will move the user to that workspace. 
  3. My Account: This will open up a page where the user can manage their own account 
  4. Billing:  Where you can manage your billing plan 
  5. Manage users:  Where you are able to 
      • Invite a new user 
      • Edit a user's role 
      • Edit a user information 
      • Send password reset notification 
  6.  Manage workspaces:  Where you can 
      • View a list of workspaces ( based on permissions) 
      • View number of members on each workspace
      • Add a workspace 
      • Edit workspace ( Remove users from and  add users to) 
      • Rename a workspace 
      • Delete a workspace 
  7. Signout: Signout of AbsorbCreate

Courses Menu

The Courses drop-down menu shows the categories which your courses can be part of.  There are 3 types:

  • 'All Courses' will show all of the courses in the current workspace
  • 'My Courses' will show only the courses that have been favourited by clicking on the star icon next to the course name.  Courses created by the users are in that category by default.
  • The categories underneath are custom categories that can be created depending on the user needs


To add a custom category, click on the + icon on the top right as shown in the image above.

When highlighting a category, you have the choice of renaming that category or deleting it.


There is a search bar in the middle to quickly find a course in your workspace


Clicking on a course will open it in the platform for you to edit.

Edit Menu

Clicking on the dropdown menu on the right will open a menu to edit your courses.  


  • Click on 'Rename' to rename the course
  • Click on 'Duplicate' to make a copy of the course
  • Click on 'Preview' to preview the course as a final product in the playback mode
  • Click on 'Manage Reviewers' to invite reviewers to collaborate on your course.
  • Click on 'Delete' to erase the course
  • Choosing 'Assign to Category will open a menu displaying the categories.  Choosing one of those categories will move the corresponding course to that category
  • Choosing 'Move to Workspace' will open a menu displaying the workspaces.  Choosing one of those workspaces will move the corresponding course to that workspace
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