Testing and optimizing your course for publishing


When pages complete as they should, courses complete as they should--issuing certificates, updating transcripts, and leaving learners with a sense of accomplishment and closure. It is worth everyone's time to fully test pages and courses before publishing to the LMS, and again before going live with enrollment. This article covers the testing process before publishing only.

Testing is a great time to reach out to our support team with any questions or unexpected behaviors. We are always happy to help!


Set Everyone Up for Success

You can test your Absorb Create courses for completion using preview mode, and being aware of the various settings and toggles that impact page completion and navigation.





Follow Sequentially

Setting this to 'on' will prevent the learner from clicking on pages in the page menu in order to skip pages in the course. 

Course Settings

Need to Reach the end of slide for completion

Setting this to 'on' will hold the completion of a slide until the time has run its course

Slide settings, when time is enabled

Navigation buttons

Setting this to 'on' will enable users to advance to the next slide when they are ready. Will override the End of Slide for Completion setting, turn it to 'off' if necessary.

Slide settings--Player Toolbar

Optional for course completion

Setting this to 'on' will render the page unnecessary for course completion

Slide settings

Optional for branch completion

Setting this to 'on' will render the page unnecessary to complete the branching activity Branch page type--Branch graph


Leveraging menus in preview mode

In this example, we have turned on the course menu in the player to proof the page completions in preview mode. Here we can see that a page has not completed as expected:




When we go back to the slide settings for the page, we can easily pick out the conflicting settings:



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